Facilitating global innovation in the application of fiber optic technologies


The SPAN product category encompasses all products involved in delivering cutting edge solutions for optical fiber networks.


The BEAM product category encompasses all products involved in delivering cutting edge solutions for high power optical systems.


From fiber optic cables to wavelength management devices, Neptec serves all levels of the telecommunications industry.
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From high-density MT related products to precision cut fiber arrays, Neptec serves the highest levels of the data communications industry.
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High Power
Neptec’s years of custom design experience helps customers apply high power fiber optic components in a variety of applications.
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Military, Government, & Defense Contract
From the F-35 Lightning to directed-energy systems, fiber optic technology is used to gain military technological dominance on the world stage.
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Neptec’s product design and development process will accelerate any medical fiber optic application.
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Neptec has the development and design flexibility to keep sensor and LIDAR developers continuously innovating.
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Harsh Environment
A steadfast commitment to safety drives Neptec to produce the most reliable industrial optical components on the market.
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Semiconductor Equipment
Neptec has the expertise necessary to integrate optical fiber technology in a wide range of semiconductor applications.
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Helping you achieve your goals with innovative optical solutions.

Working with Neptec

Neptec is a leading provider of customized fiber optic and laser solutions for the telecom, datacom, aerospace, medical, military and industrial markets. We provide high quality, cost-efficient fiber optic patch cables, breakouts, couplers, network chassis as well as industrial laser modules. Since Neptec’s inception, we have specialized in designing and manufacturing complex fiber optic products, our in-house engineer and assembly teams are able to design, prototype and manufacture products in short turnaround time and on budget.

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Our central position in a strong supply chain enables the delivery of cutting edge solutions at light speed. By streamlining all project processes, from design and development to negotiations and logistics, we simplify the actualization of the world’s most ambitious goals.

Neptec is an innovative, forward thinking company, we have the experience and expertise to help our customers to achieve their goals. Neptec is ISO 9001:2015 certified and headquartered in Fremont, California.

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