From automotive LiDAR sensors, oil & gas operations to high-power material processing, Neptec offers a broad selection of customize solutions to the industrial markets.

Neptec’s years of custom design experience helps customers apply industrial fiber optic components in a variety of applications.

Advancing global innovation in the application of industrial fiber optics.

LiDAR – LiDAR emits a pulsed laser light to measure distance, velocity and angle with high precision. Neptec has the capabilities to manufacture laser diode modules with variety of high sensitivity configurations that is tailored to your application requirements.

High Power – Neptec strives to manufacture high power, cost effective fibers for demanding applications such as material processing and fiber lasers. Our high power components are specifically designed to improve peak performance without compromising efficiency and reliability.

Oil and Gas – Global oil demand is increasing, which requires very specific high performance and reliable fiber optic that can survive the most challenging drilling environment with extreme cold and heat. Neptec offers the industry leading rugged fiber solutions that can operate at the maximum of 700°C to ensure the safety and reliability of oil operations.