Core Competencies

Custom Cable Assemblies & Passive Components

Neptec Optical Solutions offers custom fiber optic components and cabling in infinite configurations to match each project’s needs. Customization capabilities are vast because of on-site manufacturing, partnerships with industry leaders, and a strong team of optical fiber professionals. Neptec’s highly experienced manufacturing and engineering technicians work jointly with customers to tailor a product so that it fits project specifications without compromising lead time, quality, or competitive pricing. Neptec is one of the few companies in Silicon Valley capable of offering polarization maintaining components for custom fiber optic assemblies.

If your project specifications are not addressed in the product description, contact us with specific inquires to learn more about our customization capabilites.

high power passive optical components

Specialized for fiber lasers and amplifiers

Efficient heat dissipation packaging technology

Telecom passive optical components

Cost-effective component manufacturing

Rigorous quality control ensures reliability. ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

High precision/High density Fiber components

Key components for silicon photonic technology. 

Highly accurate, small-size, multi-channel MT related components

Quality Management

Neptec is awarded ISO9001:2015 certification, an international standard recognized in 160 countries. At Neptec we pride ourselves on superior quality products, effective customized solutions and high satisfaction of our customers. We operate within the framework of Quality Management System (QMS), including guidelines for planning, performance evaluation, customer support and continual improvement. Neptec has built a reputation of fast turnaround based on our industry knowledge, our dedication to projects, and our ability to respond quickly to customer requests. This certification illustrates our commitment to provide state-of-the-art products, and why our customers know they can always trust us.