How to Improve Efficiency and Scalability in Tomorrow’s Data Centers?


How to Improve Efficiency and Scalability in Tomorrow’s Data Centers?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a huge pressure on data center capacities for increasing demand on video streaming, remote learning, cloud computing, and online gaming. Data center and networking companies are going to need a stronger foundation of infrastructure to succeed in the new internet landscape. Planning ahead and using the best equipment available on the market is key to getting fiber cable management right. In order to meet the challenge of high-density network, data centers need to optimize space, improve network up time, minimizing the footprint required for server hardware and reducing equipment costs.

Neptec offers an industry leading solution for fiber cable management for the next generation of telecom and datacom industries. The “Condensity Chassis” provides an innovative approach to optimize space utilization, improve data center flexibility and scalability. The Condensity Chassis has an advanced Plug & Play architecture that enables modules to easily snap into and pull out of in front of the chassis enclosure. It is a modular design that allows operators to swap new modules that best meets the density needs in the future. In addition, Neptec’s Condensity Chassis is designed with a thin wall structure in between of each chassis modules instead of thick wall. The thicker walls on standard modules usually act as a rail guide, protection, and mount holes to fasten to. As a result, standard modules were designed just to fill in that large space, which makes scaling up a problem. It is not too hard to fill 4 modules and regret the initial connection choices. This will end up requiring a second chassis to fix which drives up costs. With Condensity Chassis as a modular solution, operators can replace or upgrade modules as needed to fit their applications, allowing for fast customization and simplify the deployment process.

Neptec’s Condensity Chassis is a modular, fiber optic patch panel solution that allows customers to adapt to rapidly evolving technology. Condensity Module also provides ultra-high density of fiber capability allowing a maximum of 144 LC connectors in 1U footprint. This does not just mean more fiber cables, but an increased number of connections. Condensity Chassis can also accommodate MTP/MPO connectors for maximum port density and migration to higher data speeds. It is future-proof for peak data center efficiency, which includes transitioning from 40G to 100G and eventually the emerging 400G ethernet capability. Moreover, it simplifies the connection of different types of fiber cables and provides easy port access.

Neptec’s line of high-density patch panels is highly customizable to ensure seamless integration into any new or existing network infrastructure. It is an ideal solution for the next generation of data center and telecom industries to overcome the space constraints of adding more fiber cables into existing facilities for keeping pace with the increasing network bandwidth requirements.

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Key Features of Neptec’s Condensity Chassis:

-Plug and Play design for module swapping
-Compact design for space saving
-Modular design allows for easy connector upgrade
-Constant, Continuous Network Access, without Line Power
-Front Panel minimizes Connection Errors by Enabling Simultaneous Visual and Physical Grouping of Inputs and Outputs
-24x Single-Width Modules or 12x Double-Width Modules per 1RU Chassis



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