Our Company

Neptec Optical Solutions is a minority owned and operated specialty fiber optics company located in the greater Silicon Valley region that offers a wide variety of fiber optic components. These components are highly versatile which allows our team to consistently deliver innovative solutions, regardless of industry or project specifications.

Our team measures success by achieving customer goals with innovative optical solutions.

Achieving your goal, is achieving our goal.

We service a wide range of industries

Our central position in a strong supply chain enables the delivery of cutting edge solutions at light speed. By streamlining all project processes, from design and development to negotiations and logistics, we simplify the actualization of the world’s most ambitious goals.

We stay at the forefront of technology

Information enabled technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to drive society’s next great shift. Optical fiber is the infrastructure for which all information-enabled technologies are powered, so demand for optical solutions is anticipated to follow the same upward trajectory. Neptec is committed to facilitating global innovation in the application of fiber optic technologies as the demand for innovative optical solutions continues to grow.

Our Vision

Facilitating global innovation in the application of fiber optic technologies.

Our Mission

Providing constant support that simplifies the actualization of the worlds most ambitious goals. Serving as the catalyst for delivering cutting edge solutions, we streamline all project processes for ultimate customer satisfaction.