What are the benefits of SN connector?

In response to the demand of the next generation 400 gigabit applications, SENKO Advanced Components has designed its CS and SN connectors in collaboration with the QSFP MSA, an industry group of transceiver manufacturers. SENKO has now licensed its connector technology to various leading manufacturers to ensure the continued adoption of the SN form factor. At Neptec Optical Solutions, we distribute and provide excellent SN connector custom engineering solutions, including SN jumper and SN to LC breakout cable.

The SN connector delivers better insertion loss and return loss performance compared to conventional LC connectors by dramatically reducing the footprint. SN connector has two LC-style 1.25-mm O.D. Zirconia ferrules in a single housing, pitched only 3.1 mm apart versus 6.25 mm in a LC duplex. The SN connector allows users to have four connectors (eight fibers) in one transceiver, which supports breakout applications without the need for fan-out cables or cassettes. It features a push-pull style connector available in various lengths for easy access in ultra-high density patching environments.

In addition, SN connector offers 40% increase in density compare to LC solution and it is important for future 400G break-out applications, allowing four duplex connections in a QSFP-DD/OSFP without using a separate fan-out which means they can be directly patched. Although MPO connectors can increase capacity without increasing the footprint, they are challenging to clean and manufacture. Most of the cleaners can clean only part of the area due to the built-in guide pins, and thus leaving dust on the surface resulting deterioration in the performance.
SN connector offers more durable solution in the field as they are designed using advanced technology, are easier to clean and deploy in tricky locations, and offer considerable space saving benefits.

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