Ultrafast Fiber Laser

Neptec’s line of Ultrafast Fiber Lasers are designed specifically for medical scientific, and material processing applications. Neptec’s Pulsed Ultrafast Fiber Laser features picosecond pulses, narrow spectral linewidth, and polarization maintaining capabilities while operating under complete power stability. Neptec’s Ultrafast Fiber provide the precision and the power necessary for a growing market of new advanced laser applications.

Neptec prides itself in offering reliable and customizable fiber laser products and solutions. If the standard ultrafast fiber laser below does not fit your application, we would be glad to review your specifications and quote an ultrafast fiber laser for you.

Product Information

Key Features

  • Narrow spectral linewidth
  • Up to 20mW output power
  • Fast center wavelength tuning
  • Reliable self-start
  • 20MHz frequency
  • Extinction ratio>20dB
  • Automatic power control (APC)
  • RS-232 interface


  • Research
  • Measurement
  • Fiber Laser System


Parameter Unit Typical Notes
Mode Of Operation - Mode Locked
Center Wavelength nm 1560, 1064, 1550 (Narrow)
Tuning Range nm 0.5
Spectral Linewidth nm 0.2 @ -3dB
SMSR dB 30
Pule Width (FWHM) ps 60
Pulse Repetition Frequency MHz 30
Output Average Power mW 20
Pulse Energy nJ 0.7
Peak Power W 10
Control Mode APC
Extinction Ratio dB 20
Power Stability % 3 4 hours

Electrical and Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Unit Typical Notes
Interface Type RS-232
Power Supply V 4.75 to 5.25 5V±5%
Power Consumption W 5.5 to 30
Dimensions mm 200 x 125 x 25
Operating Temperature Range °C 0 to 50
Storage Temperature Range ◦C -85
Humidity % 10 to 90