CW Ytterbium Fiber Laser

Neptec’s continuous wave (CW) fiber lasers are designed for medical, R&D, and commercial applications. Like its name suggests, continuous wave fiber lasers continuously pump and emit light making CW fiber lasers the ideal solution in various laser applications.

Neptec prides itself in offering reliable and customizable fiber laser products and solutions. If the standard CW fiber laser below does not fit your application, we would be glad to review your specifications and quote a CW fiber laser for you.

Product Information


Parameter Unit Typical Notes
Mode of Operation CW
Center Wavelength nm 1050-1080
Linewidth (FWHM) nm ≤0.5 OSA
Output Power W 10 adjustable
Output power adjustment % 0 to 100
Rising Time us ≤500 10% to 90%
Off Time us ≤500 90% to 10%
Modulation Frequency KHz ≤KHz
Output Power Stability % ≤2 15 min
Output Power Stability % ≤2 8 hrs
Typical Beam Quality M2 ≤1.3
Beam Diameter mm 1.2 to 1.8 1/e2, can be customized
Output Fiber HI1060, 10/125 0.08NA SM, custom fiber lengths available

Electrical and Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Unit Typical Notes
Interface Type RS-232
Power Supply V (DC) 24 (+/- 1V)
Power Consumption W <75 Max Power
Operating Temperature Range °C (-5) to 40
Storage Temperature Range °C (-20) to 70
Humidity % 10 to 90