High Power Laser Cable

Neptec’s cutting-edge high power laser cables offers unique cladding and end cap technology to increase power handling and ensure overall system stability and safety. Neptec’s high power laser cables are fully compatible with industry standard equipment interfaces and can be custom designed to fit proprietary interfaces.

As with all of Neptec’s products, high power laser cables can be custom designed and manufactured for any specific application. If the standard high-power laser cable below does not fit your application, we would be glad to review your specifications and quote a custom one for you.

Product Information

Key Features

•Low Transmission Loss
•High Power Handling Capability
•High Reflection Power Endurance
•Water Cooling & Safety Interlock Functions Available
• PM and Non-PM are available
• Customized Configurations For Any Application


•Materiel processing
• Automotive manufacturing
• Ship Welding
• Laser marking
• Automation



Parameter Unit Typical Notes
Operating Signal Wavelength nm 890 to 1000 or 1030 to 1100 R ≤ 0.2%
Fiber Core Diameter um 10 to 800
Transmission Power Loss % 3
Point Angle mrad 2
Forward Cladding Power W 100
Stripping Efficiency dB 10
Average Power KW 5
Peak Power (50ns pulse) MW 8
Reflection Power (10s) KW 1.5

Electrical and Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Unit Typical Notes
Mechanical Interface Industry Standard Contact for more information
Cable Diameter mm 13
Water Quality Purified and Distilled Water Water Cooling
Water Pressure Mpa ≤0.3
Water Temperature °C ≥5 Above dew point