High Density MPO / MTP Solutions

Neptec manufacturers custom cables with standard MTP® connectors. MTP connectors use high density Mt ferrules allowing it to bundle multiple fibers densely into one single connector. Neptec not only offers regular cables, but also breakout cables, trunk cables, and specialty MTP termination services.

Neptec offers a wide selection of high density, MTP/MPO cables, products, and services. If you’re looking for custom solutions that save you time and money, we would be glad to review your specifications and provide a fast and easy quote.

Product Information

Key Features

• Low insertion loss
• High repeatability
• Push-pull design
• Any length and color
• Variety of jacketing
• Rigorously tested
• PM and Non-PM are available
• Customized Configurations For Any Application


• Backbone installations
• Data switches and routers
• Data centers
• Fiber channel storage
• Industrial systems