Fiber Optic Cables

Years of optical fiber design experience and in-house manufacturing capabilities allow Neptec to offer fiber optic cables with infinite configurations. Cables are designed and customized to fit exact specifications and tested rigorously to ensure reliability without sacrificing quick turnaround times.

Neptec manufacturers indoor, outdoor, armored, and specialty (high power, Polarization-Maintaining, MTP/MPO) cables that can utilize any fiber type or connector. If you’re looking for custom solutions that save you time and money, we would be glad to review your specifications and provide a fast and easy quote.

Product Information

Key Features

• Low insertion/return loss
• Any fiber type and wavelength
• Any length and color
• FC, SC, ST, LC, Mu and MT-RJ terminations
• PC, UPC, and APC polishes
• High Volume
• Fast turnaround
• PM and Non-PM are available
• Customized Configurations For Any Application




• Telecom long haul
• Data centers
• Medical
• Test equipment