Fiber Optical Isolator

Optical isolator is a passive optical device that only allows unidirectional travel of light. Optical isolator can protect signal sources from back reflections and back scattering. Back reflection and scattering can damage a laser source. Besides, in the high-power optical system, back reflection can cause system instabilities and power spikes.

Key parameters

Degree of isolation
Typical isolators can achieve isolation 30-40 dB. High degree isolation is difficult to achieve for high-power devices. When operating at a non-optimized wavelength, the degree of isolation will be reduced. When a single isolator cannot achieve the desired degree of isolation, a combination of two isolators, usually packed into one housing, are used. These kinds of isolator are called dual stage isolator.

Insertion loss
The insertion loss depends on the type and quality of polarizer, the precision and uniformity of rotation angles obtained in the rotator.

Polarization insensitive (non-polarized) isolators are commonly used in optical fiber communication systems before and after fiber amplifiers. Generally, polarization insensitive isolator creates an arbitrary phase change between the two polarization components. On the other hand, polarization sensitive isolators are used in free space optical and coherence communication systems. In such a system, the angle of polarization will lead to a loss.

Neptec’s Optical Isolator Products

Neptec Optical Solutions, a global specialty optical fiber company, has 10-year experience in design and manufacturing fiber optic components. Neptec offers a wide range of polarize sensitive and insensitive optical isolators for both high power and optical communication applications.  Neptec’s product can be customized to meet customers’ system requirement. Below is an overview of Neptec’s optical isolators. Neptec will introduce these products at the in coming Photonics West exhibition.

Free Space Isolator
Neptec’s free space isolator are high isolation and low insertion loss. Customization and hybrid options with receptacle, collimator and fiber array are available.

High Power Isolator
Neptec’s high power isolators can handle power from 500mW to 100W depend on the customization option. Special wavelength and hybrid options are available. These isolators are used to protect laser or amplifier.

Micro-optics Isolator for Telecommunication
Neptec offers micro-optics isolators that operate in a wide range of wavelength. Customer can choose from polarize sensitive or incentive, C band or L band. This type of isolators are commonly used in fiber optic communication systems, CATV links, fiber laser and amplifiers.

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