MXC® Connector

Neptec is a qualified distributor of MXC® optical fiber connector by US Conec which offers ultra high fiber count of up to 64 micro lenses within 4 rows, each row containing 16 lenses. The main component of the MXC™ connector system is the expanded beam PRIZM MT™ ferrule technology that allows for high connection density and provides speed of 1.6 Tbit per second for data transmission.

MXC® is the next generation connectivity solution for the ever-increasing demand for data which is driving new hardware and applications in data centers, telecommunication hubs, and cloud computing networks. MXC® is a real breakthrough technology to provide a direct card edge interface to embedded optical engines from Intel Silicon Photonics and others. If you need custom connectivity solutions using the new MXC® connector, please get in touch with us.

Product Information

Key Features

• Supports up to 64 fibers with each carrying one wavelength at 25 Gbps = 1.6 TBit/s per connector
• Compatible with standard PRIZM® MT-ferrule
• Debris insensitive – resulting in high reliability
• Expanded beam technology allows for a rugged interface
• Cost efficient with fewer connector components
• Easy assembly due to no polishing required


• High performance computing networks
• Telecommunication servers
• Cloud data centers
• Open compute architecture
• Data storage facilities