Cladding Power Stripper (CPS)

Neptec’s high-power Cladding Power Stripper (CPS) is designed for high power fiber laser and amplifier systems. Neptec’s CPS strips residual pump energy, while effectively dissipating heat in order not to damage the stripper itself and surrounding parts. Without a CPS, unwanted pump energy will damage sensitive optical components downstream in a high-power system.

Neptec offers a wide range of customization options including power handling, fiber type, polarization maintaining (PM), and packaging. If the standard CPS below does not fit your application, we would be glad to review your specifications and quote a custom CPS for you.

Product Information

Key Features

• High Stripping Efficiency
• High Power Handling Capability
• Low Signal Loss and Beam Quality Degradation
• Wavelength Insensitive
• High Extinction Ratio (for PM version)
• PM and Non-PM are available
• Customized Configurations For Any Application


• Fiber Laser System


Parameter Unit Typical Notes
Operating Signal Wavelength nm 800 to 2000 Customer Specification
Power Handling W ≤ 40 <20W Air Cooled, >20W Water Cooled
Stripping Efficiency dB 17 to 20
Signal Insertion Loss dB 0.05 to 0.20

Electrical and Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Unit Typical Notes
Operating Temperature Range °C (-5) to 70
Operating Humidity Range % 5 to 95
Storage Temperature Range °C (-40) to 85
Size Dependent on Power Handling