Pump/Signal Combiners

Neptec’s fiber pump and signal combiners are designed for high power fiber laser applications. Pump combiners combine several laser light sources in order to create a high-power laser. Neptec’s unique small form factor packaging effectively dissipates heat in order not to damage the pump combiner and surrounding parts.

Neptec offers limitless combinations of pump combiners. From Single-mode, Multi-Mode, and Polarization-Maintaining variations to different fiber types, power handling, and pump ratios. If the standard pump combiner below does not fit your application, we would be glad to review your specifications and quote a custom pump combiner for you.

Product Information

Key Features

• High pump efficiency
• Wavelength Insensitive
• Configurable For Any Application
• Single-mode, Multi-Mode, and Polarization-Maintaining
• N:1, (N+1):1 and 1:N configurations


• High Power Fiber Lasers
• High Power Manufacturing
• High Power Amplification