Ytterbium-Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (YEDFA)

Compared to conventional amplifiers, Neptec’s Ytterbium-Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (YEDFAs) are more compact, stable, and reliable while providing higher output power. YEDFAs utilize dual-stage amplification to maintain system increase amplification power without sacrificing stability. APC (automatic power control), AGC (automatic gain control) and ACC (automatic current control) systems are designed into the amplifier to ensure successful system integration and operation.

Every network is different. Neptec ensures that every product we sell is highly customizable to fit any optical fiber application. If the standard YEDFA below do not fit your application, we would be glad to review your specifications and quote a custom YEDFA for you.

Product Information

Key Features

• Low Noise Figures
• High Output Power and High Gain
• Long Life Laser Diode Pumps
• High Stability and Reliability
• Wide Operating Temperature Range
• Low Power Consumption
• RS232/RS485/SNMP Interfaces Available
• APC, AGC, and ACC Systems
• PM and Non-PM are available


• CATV Networks
• Hydrophone Systems
• LANs and WANS
• In-line Amplification
• DWDM Subsystems
• FTTx
• Free space communication



Parameter Unit Typical Notes
Operating Signal Wavelength nm 1543 to 1565 Custom ranges available
Output Power dBm +30, +33
Input Power dBm 0 to 10
Noise Figure dB Application Specific
Control Mode APC to ACC Selectable
Return Loss dB >40
Fiber Type SMF-28e Other types available
Connector Type FC/APC, SC/APC Other types available

Electrical and Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Unit Typical Notes
Interface Type RS-232
Power Supply V 4.5 to 5.5
Power Consumption W 20 to 30
Operating Temperature Range °C (-5) to 55
Storage Temperature Range °C (-20) to 70
Form Factor Application Specific
Humidity % 10 to 20