Fiber optics

Medical industry

Whether your application is in medical imaging, diagnostic fiberoptic, flow cytometry, or DNA sequencing, we have the experience to ensure your solutions perfectly match the requirements of your application.

Neptec’s product design and development process will accelerate any medical fiber optic application.

Advancing global innovation in the application of medical fiber optics and lasers.

Medical fiber optic and laser system tend to require high levels of customization. Neptec’s skilled team of engineers work closely with customers throughout the design and development process to accommodate the complexity of the life science application.

In medicine, error is the difference between life or death. Neptec’s fiber optic assemblies and components are precision tested to ensure reliability of advanced medical instruments.

Neptec has over 10 years of experience in developing fiber optic and laser products in life science. We have access to cutting-edge technologies to lead the charge in advancing modern medicine.