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5W Non-PM Dual Stage Isolator - 007


The 5W Non-PM Dual Stage Isolator 1310±15 features low cost and compact size. In addition, it uses an effective heat dissipation technique that keeps the isolator's temperature down. It is designed with low insertion loss, high isolation, high power handling, high return loss, excellent environmental stability and reliability. The 5W NON-PM Dual Stage Isolator 1310±15 is ideal for fiber laser and instrumentation applications.


  • High isolation and low insertion loss
  • Excellent environmental stability and reliability
  • Customized fiber type available


  • Fiber laser
  • Fiber sensor
Operating Wavelength (nm) Minimum Isolation @23°C (dB) Insertion Loss Typ. (dB) Insertion Loss Max. (dB) PDL (dB) For NON-PM Fiber Extinction Ratio (only for PM Fiber F type)(dB)
1310±15 48 ≤0.60 ≤0.80 ≤0.15 ≥22
PMD (ps) Return Loss (in&out)(dB) Power Handling (W) Operating Temperature (°C) Storage Temperature (°C) Dimensions (mm)
≤0.05 55 <5W  0~+70  -40~+80 ɸ5.5*L30